Amazon PPC Glossary of Terms

Amazon PPC Glossary   Ad Groups An ad group is made up of one or more ads, a set of related keywords, and a maximum default bid. For the best results, place similar products in the same ad group. Ad Group Name Your ad group name will help you distinguish this ad group from others you’ll create later. This name … Read More

Amazon PPC Automation with My PPC Pal

Welcome to My PPC Pal, the most complete automation tool for Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns. This article is intended to walk you through setting up your account and your campaigns to be automated by My PPC Pal and answer some questions which may come up in the process.   Table of Contents: How Does My PPC Pal Work? Connecting your … Read More

Rank Higher with Amazon PPC | Beyond the Product Launch

Rank higher with Amazon PPC - The Best way to optimizes your Amazon PPC Campaigns

So you are ready to launch your new product on Amazon, your photos are looking great and your listing is perfected. You may not realize it, but launching your product is only step one of this journey. As a full-time seller and Amazon PPC consultant, I have realized that the combination of a good launch and a well-rounded Amazon PPC … Read More